What was number 8 on my birthday

In these years your ability to use skills in diplomacy and mediation will be pronounced. The affairs of others and their success may be the key to your own advancement. Pushing your own agenda doesn't work as well now. The need is to control hyperactive emotions that may appear from time to time. The 2 lifepath period in the later years promises a good retirement with many friends and opportunities.

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Your influence now will be based on your ability to bring together diverse opinions and ideas. Friends and family, and especially a close relationship is all important to your happiness now. Having close connections is vital to your health and wellbeing in your senior years. This is likely to be a very pleasant, carefree and creative time in your life. Being original and using your talents of expression will find you furthering your career and your life in general.

If there is a pitfall during this time it is becoming overly optimistic and extravagant, and spreading your talents too thin. In all this is a period that offers much happiness in exchange for a minimum of planning and concentration. A 3 period in later life suggests an active social life with numerous hobbies and activities. If you are a creative person, this late life period may become your most prolific and fruitful. Indeed, this may be the time to write that book you have thought about, a time to learn a new method of expression perhaps, or simply let your imagination run free.

Enjoy yourself, it won't be that terribly hard now. A 4 life path period is not much fun for a young person. It suggests that learning is difficult or the demands placed upon you to learn were harsh and burdensome. Now you have to build a solid foundation and the tone is one of learning practicality, order, and routine. Often this period denotes growing up with limited resources or restrictions of some sort. The demands often set the stage for later successes.

You are to be very well prepared to start your career in early adulthood. This period is a time to build and develop ideas into a tactile form. Now is a time that you become more of a builder, a better organizer, and perhaps even a more stable and secure person. Your judgment and decisions take on more conservatism and practicality, and they are based on careful and more thoughtful planning. You are apt to be more serious about your work and perhaps devote more time to it, too. Be careful not to become a workaholic.

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With a 4 lifepath period you must be constantly reminded to take the time to smell the roses. The 4 period in the later years suggests a period that predicts work rather than retirement. Whether by choice or by necessity, you are apt to keep your nose to the grindstone a lot longer than most of your peers. Even if you do retire, you will want to keep working on hobbies and avocation long after others have opted for the rocking chair.

If you own your own business, it may be hard to accept that fact that things can run without your ever present attention.

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The 5 period early in life can be difficult because it often lacks the stability and certainty that you may wish for. This period often features changes and emphases freedom of thought and activity. You are likely to be constantly looking for something new, something exciting, something less boring to stimulate your expansive mind. During this time you will be an explorer and a wanderer. Whether this is a positive or a negative trait only time will tell. At any rate you are driven by curiosity and adventure. A restless nature often results, and as you progress into adulthood, a number of job or career changes may occur.

In this period you are ever ready to accept change, progress, and new ideas.

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Likewise you are quick, some times too quick, to dump the old, old jobs, old activities, even old relationships. Sometimes this is good, sometime not so good. At any rate this 5 period suggests that you are more impulsive now and the test will be to see if you can handle the increased freedom you are feeling with constructive judgment. If so, you will find this is a period that can and should produce remarkable results.

With the 5 period occurring late in life, be prepared for a never ending series of adventures and expansive travel so long as the resources hold out. Actually, however, many with a late life 5 period choose to continue to work because of the sense of freedom found in their endeavors now; so long as the work is not boring or routine, there may be no reason to quit. This influence will continue to send you off to find new challenges and try new things. You are never too old to learn.

The 6 period produces a need to be needed, and you probably want to help your parents or your brothers, sisters, and friends in whatever way you can. In some cases, this period is one in which the subject is required or somehow forced to take on more than a normal amount of responsibility at an early age.

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Generally, this early time in the life is marked by obvious attempts to be helpful and even nurturing to others. In early adulthood there is a strong sense of responsibility and caring. Through these years you will find yourself getting ahead only after you have made the personal sacrifices necessary to benefit others in need. Much of your life in this period will tend to be centered around your home and family.

This is not a period that lends itself to dramatic enrichment because you tend to be more selfless and less demanding of personal rewards. Your opportunities may be as an idealist, a mediator, and perhaps even a leader in your community. Certainly the focus of the period is associated with family and domestic concerns. The 6 period late in life is usually a happy and content time. It denotes a tendency to accept responsibility and lend a helping hand to those around you. You are not likely to be lonely in your later years since family and domestic matters will probably be emphasized during this time.

Indeed, you may help or even be responsible for rearing a grandchild or two. If there is a problem with the 7 period in early life it is being misunderstood or considered "difficult. You repel conformity.

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The 7 period makes you inclined to seek and absorb learning as a primary focus. The fact that you don't feel very comfortable in your environment is to be expected. Your natural curiosity and inquisitive mind will take you far during this period.

Birthday Number 8

The 7 period in the productive years is excellent for one continuing studies and analysis into mid life. The tendency is to strive for mental growth and development and you are apt to be in the process of expanding your areas of interest now. This period is a plus if you are engaged in academic pursuits, but otherwise progress may be slow. It is hard to force yourself to seek opportunity now, and if you do, it will probably be to no avail. Perhaps it will come to you if you get prepared. When the 7 period occurs in later life you may find yourself engaged in study as never before in your life.

This period may find you writing more, engaged in some form of research, or venturing into new and interesting subjects. This is not a very social period and indeed there is concern that you may become increasingly isolated by your own choosing. An 8 period in early life stresses the practical and the material. This is not the stuff of a good childhood experience as it may tend to elevate the importance of material success at an inappropriate age.

For the less affluent, there may be too much interest in achieving material goals. This period may have its positive side in preparing a relatively young person for financial and material success. You may go into business early in life with the tools to succeed. The 8 lifepath period in the productive years may push you to a level of success that would not have otherwise been attained. This period denotes a time when attainment, authority, and general business acumen is brought to foreground. You will want to set your goals high and do everything in a big way.

If you have the inherent management abilities, this period will accelerate your prestige and attainments. With the 8 lifepath period in later life, it is suggested that your greatest achievements may be yet to come. If all you have lacked before is good management, now may be your time to shine.

ALL numbers, with only two exceptions — 11 and 22 — are reduced by individual digit. With that in mind, the way to find your number lies in this formula:. February is the 2nd month. It's number is 2. If it was October, it would be 10, which would reduce to 1.

Birthday Number in Numerology

These numbers have special significances. Subsequently, they stand on their own. This will only happen if your birthday is in November or if your birth year adds up to 22 like , , , , , or If your birth year adds up to 11, check it again. The eighth gate was named the Gate of Ishtar. Ishtar was the goddess of love and war. Ishtar was the Queen of the Earth and Heaven. She was the morning and evening star. Ishtar was the equivalent of the Sumerian goddess Inanna. More about Inanna — go to Number 3 in mythology. The Ishtar gate was twelve meters high and beautifully decorated with glazed brick reliefs.

It was extremely impressive. There is a replica of the gate at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, Germany. This model is from the same museum. There are eight Millennium Development Goals to be achieved by These goals were agreed on by United Nations member states. Eight festivals are observed in the Wicca Wheel of the Year. Significance of number 8 in Judaism. Significance of number 8 in Buddhism. Significance of number 8 in Mythology. Significance of number 8 in Hinduism. This was very super helpful thank you to the creator of this website who made this number about 8. I think 8 is mirror from 3.

For instance here said that oxygene have 8 atoms. But before on the earth was be only nitrogene, which have own roots from the earth earth is three. So oxygene is successor of nitrogene, which passed throught hot moment of five, it is acid…… But it is even numbers, even numbers is bad two is death for example. My Grandmother had 8 children her 1st was born July 8 my mom. I have 2 0ther children which the 7. Here is an extremely scary point.


The Sumerian culture used the number 6. While we look for a perfect the Sumerian looked for a perfect We have 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in each hour because of them. That is NOT the weird part. When you take the number 6 and add it to each letter of the alphabet A-6, B and so on to Z and add words together you get weird results. Add up Donald J. Trump and you will get ….

They sometimes before were be whites, but on the sun they devided self own dna. I have found the information I was looking for and facts that I thought made the number eight so much more special to myself. Pluto is no longer classified as a planet. It is a dwarf planet as many others are. Pluto lost its planet status in There are as of 8 planets in our solar system.

My birthday is November 8th! And the odometer on my car read….. I even have a picture of it! The doctrine of Scientology also reveres the number eight: — The highest level of attainment is Operating Thetan Level 8. This is the first actual Operating Thetan level and brings about a resurgence of power and native abilities for the being himself.

This sort of clever work and coverage! That is truly awesome! You are something super special! You must be destined for a great life! I only started looking at it because I remember hearing of a universal seal which existed simply by the number eight, which no spirit or demon can break — needless to say — it works. July 24, at am. I was randomly assigned a new cell phone number…. June 29, at pm. July 22, at pm. June 15, at pm.